Not just technology

Do not think about technology, platforms and processes. Imagine instead a well-built and functional system that really matter to your company's business and your organization's operations, a service your customers have the benefit of every day and that gives you better control over your business at the same time. Our starting point is to contribute to the benefit of your customers and thereby increase your profitability and your value.
Our way of working differentiates us from our colleagues in the industry. We start with your company's particular situation and see how we are using complete products and solutions can improve you. When we deeply understand your business, we can with our knowledge of the system create the perfect tool for your business.

Structured project model
Of course, we work with a, well worked through, structured project model when we operate our projects, just like most of our fellow players, but what sets us apart is our quest to find the perfect balance between ready-made system solutions and the way you work.

We do not believe in changing functioning operations to fit a system or a process. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel time and again and create a new system for each new customer. Our goal is to make small changes in the standard products we start from as possible to get maximum benefit from future updates and the stability that comes in a proven product. The changes we still do, we do with such a small impact on the standard system as possible in order to reach your ideal system.

About Effekt

We work as experts in business related IT systems. Through the effective use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, BI from Qlik and Drupal we create modern ERP systems that have your customers in focus. Since our birth in 1997, we have conducted over a thousand projects with more than 100 customers.

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