Success depends on what you are offering... For investments in IT systems to be worthwhile it is, above all, required that they come into service and that users get started and use these. To facilitate this process, we at Effekt work with producing standard products and industry solutions that we know will suit different groups of customers.

Increasingly amount of customer care is delivered online. To embrace the customer care thinking in choosing ERP systems can add a lot of value to the own company. One way to do this is to let customers talk and listen to the company by giving them access to online tools where they can leave and retrieve the information they need. One of the main characteristics of online tools for customer care is interactivity. Allowing the customers to cooperate with each other, with employees of the company and with its partners can increase interactivity.

Effect's solution includes features to safely share information from the ERP system with customers, such as quotations, invoices, service errands, projects and requests. The solution also includes support for blogs, FAQs, wikis, forums and other social functions that connects people with each other. The entire system is furthermore ready for analysis by smart BI apps to track everything from traffic to the online service for project tracking and pure business processes.

Our system is based on three robust platforms. As a base we use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an ERP system used by more than 100,000 companies worldwide. Dynamics NAV is a stable solution that is built to be formed to match your business needs.

In order to safely let your customers in and communicate relevant data from the ERP system along with opportunities for cooperation, discussions, forums and more, we have chosen the Drupal platform. Drupal is considered as one of the safest platforms for web publishing available. An example of this is that the White House is using Drupal both for its external website and to their own intranet.

To take advantage of all the data that is built up in a business system solution we have chosen the Qlik platform. Qlik is one of the leading solutions for Business Discovery and decision support. Qlik positions itself as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence & Analytics Platforms year after year. We have selected Qlik because it is extremely powerful, easy to set up and easy to grow with.

About Effekt

We work as experts in business related IT systems. Through the effective use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, BI from Qlik and Drupal we create modern ERP systems that have your customers in focus. Since our birth in 1997, we have conducted over a thousand projects with more than 100 customers.

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