The whole is always greater than all parts

Many businesses have multiple systems that are customized for their various processes. The need to integrate business systems and other peripheral systems such as external BI and EFH (Electronic Invoice Handling) with the ERP system is becoming more common.

The development of systems takes place at a furious pace. Solutions created new areas that quickly become established as features that streamline the organization. All of these solutions work well as individual procedures but does require a lot of work to coordinate. Information must be transferred from one system to another and controls must be implemented to ensure that the information is equal.

The solution to the above is to either build up all the routines in the same system or to integrate them with automated processes.

Integrating ERP system with other systems is something that has become much easier with the technological developments. Often, systems directly can be integrated using Web Service functionality where one system calls another directly without the need for file transfer and handling of statuses and conditions.

To succeed with integrations it is required that you follow a well-defined process that clearly defines responsibilities. One of Effekt's areas of expertise are to operate efficient integration projects where we together with our clients and suppliers of other systems create solutions where the constituent systems form a larger whole.

About Effekt

We work as experts in business related IT systems. Through the effective use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, BI from Qlik and Drupal we create modern ERP systems that have your customers in focus. Since our birth in 1997, we have conducted over a thousand projects with more than 100 customers.

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